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Alison has a keen eye for important moments, and countless special events have been documented beautifully through her camera. She is a dedicated artist who puts everyone at ease. Her work will delight you! —Leigh Green

The photos we receive are always wonderful, despite the difficulty of capturing clear images in a club atmosphere. On top of that, Alison is a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for excellence in photography. —Joyce Schiltz

You can tell how much Alison cares about her work and her subjects from the first phone call—she'll find out what's important to you, what you want, and she'll work closely with you to make sure she captures big moments and sweet details. I was amazed by how hard she worked at my wedding—and the day before and the day after—to make sure she had full coverage of not just the events, but the emotions that ruled those days. I will treasure Alison's photos for the rest of my life. —Vanessa McGrady

Alison is the only photographer I know who could have taken [my favorite shot] without snapping a whole roll. I've seen countless shots like this from her. She just knows when to press the button." —Susan Acuff